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RADIANT SYSTEM –“Wellbeing that surrounds you”

Panel radiation systems represent an optimal choice for heating and cooling, guarantee high COMFORT levels and offer considerable ENERGY SAVING and hence ECONOMIC BENEFITS.

Tiemme offers a wide range of radiant systems, all very reliable and at reasonable prices. Their use ranges from new houses to renovated ones, and includes buildings for the tertiary industry, with floor, wall or ceiling applications.

The "idea of wellbeing”

Choosing a radiant system means choosing WELLBEING. The first radiant systems...

What are the advantages?

The reasons behind the success of radiant systems are many: Even heat distribution Low...

Energy saving

Considering the same room temperature, with a radiant system it is possible to obtain...

A “four-season" system

With the same radiant system it will be possible to heat and cool by simply adding...

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