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TIEMME news for MCE 2018


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Tuesday 20 February 2018

TIEMME news for MCE 2018

TIEMME news for MCE 2018

Milano Rho Exhibition Center, March 13th – 16th Hall. 11 / Stand P31-R40

In a few days the 41° edition of MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort will take place, a leader event in the field of plumbing, heating and living comfort.
Contrary to previous editions TIEMME awaits you this year at Hall 11 which is dedicated to heating and related components, at stand P31-R40.
The visitor walking along the external perimeter of the structure will be able to observe the new range of TIEMME faucets, the numerous solutions of pipes and fittings systems as well as ball valves, which we proudly claim as the origins of our company and thanks to which we are acknowledged as leaders in the field.
Many access points allow to walk into the exhibition area to meet with the excellency and innovation of the numerous Tiemme products such as a fully equipped Central Heating System, the CLIMAV 2.0 system and last but not least, our sales and technical staff.
Right in the heart of our stand at TIEMME’s reception desk we have set up “The only and unmatched” series 1650 of press fittings for multi-layer pipes. The top player of our range of products will welcome you together with our Customer Service team; special people that you know, with whom you are constantly in touch at an operative level and who will be honoured to greet you in occasion of this edition.
This is the very aim of the stand and of the presence of Tiemme at MCE 2018; the pride for our own story and for the objectives we have been able to reach. A pride which holds stable roots on our “Made in Italy” value and keeps growing alongside our will for constant innovation towards technological and productive excellency with our omni-present custody and care to guarantee you our best possible service.
Everything is done “TIEMME style” as always with the essence of high-quality products, innovation, and with care to comfort, safety and the environment.

Central Heating System area:

New range of pressure reducers, series 3108N with input pressure of maximum 25 bar, BA disconnectors, series 3501 as per EN 1717 regulation up to 2” for a correct management of water supply.
INAL tool-holding manifold, series 7169 in the threaded version up to 2” and flat versions up to DN 80 (and over upon request).
Revised range of circulation pumps, series 5535G with the introduction of new high-performance pumps.
New range of thermostatic mixers for sanitary and solar plants with anti-scalding function, series 4737X and 4738X.
New deviating/mixing valve of 1”1/4 and 1”1/2, series 3890VD to satisfy requirements demanding higher flow capacities.

Radiant systems/regulation area:

The MCE 2018 Efficiency & Innovation itinerary showcases the most innovative products present on the market, chosen by the Polytechnic University of Milan through the consideration as main criteria of the added value brought by the most innovative technological aspects. Among these our very own thermoregulation system CLIMAV 2.0 (updated at both software and hardware level with the introduction of the APP for remote control) has been chosen, a further confirmation of its high quality, efficiency and innovation.
The range aimed to hydraulic balancing has been completed with the introduction of a dedicated valve with automatic differential pressure control for riser columns, series 6538 and one with differential pressure for radiant systems, series 6540.
New radiating panel LOW BLACK with high density EPS 300 in graphite available in thicknesses 12-19-34, high mechanic resistance and very low inertia, pre-coupled protection layer in accordance with UNI 1264-4, and possibility of having extremely low screed.
New system DRY in EPS 300 in graphite for high thermic isolation, high conductivity thanks to the coupling with an aluminium 1050 plate, thickness 0,15 mm, low inertia, suitable for new buildings, fast pose: no screed drying times, operational in extremely short times.

Components area:

New high-performance ball valves (185° max. temperature, PN 50) series BURAN, completion of the 1650 range with multi-layer pipes press fittings with a 75 mm diameter, new brass printed modular manifold for high flow capacities, series FLOOR 1”1/4, the first printed brass manifold for sanitary/heating purposes, series MAXIMA from 6 WAYS, new radiator valves mono/bi-tube, series 3384K e 3386K.

Chrome-plated faucets range:

TIEMME is glad to introduce ten new chrome-plated faucets home collections.
Produced in the new plant in Torbole Casaglia (Brescia) with the use of excellent raw materials treated (for instance galvanic treatment) in accordance with the standing regulations in regards to the protection of the environment. These result as a further expression of Tiemme’s Made in Italy where quality, design, technology and Italian mastery productivity translate to classic, fashionable designs in which brass happily meets colour.

And now relax!

The news are many….. you will be our most welcomed guests in the TIEMME LOUNGE where you may choose to relax or otherwise, dedicate your time to the necessary technical or commercial involvement thanks to TIEMME’s hospitable and available highly-qualified staff.

Breaking news

TIEMME is a Partner of CasaClima  “The CasaClima agency is an instrumental organisation of the autonomous province of Bolzano. Founded to carry out the compulsory energy certification of buildings in Alto Adige, it has been covering since 2014 the role of agency for energy and climatic matters in general. For many years the CasaClima agency has held partnership relationships with leading companies in the field of high-quality buildings, aiming to promote initiatives with the objective of bringing citizens closer to the themes of energy savings, sustainability and climatic changes. TIEMME is proud of this partnership and renews its commitment to themes as important as these for everyone’s wellbeing.


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